group  photo at JEVER  2015

The families of the R3236’s crew have been made to feel very welcome by the people of Jever and several visits have been made over the course of this project.  The group above include some of the residents of Jever who have been especially important to this project. From left to right:

Marcus Christ – Military Chaplain who has conducted ceremonies at the crash site and for the 75th Anniversary of the crash in July 2015.  He is currently on duty with the German Navy in Orkney.

Markus Graw – Markus’s family lived in Jever during the War and, as a school boy, his father attended the R3236 Military Funeral.

Doug Aylward – descendant of F/O Douglas Lindsay.  His parents met at Douglas Lindsay’s memorial service in Edinburgh and he is named in honour of Douglas.

Jack Waterfall – descendant of Sgt Jack Waterfall and the main force behind the R3236 project

Charly Pfiefer – Charly and his father Frank have excavated wreckage from R3236’s crash site in Upjever Forest over many years.  Charly is a retired Luftwaffe Captain

Heino Dirks – On 7 July 1940, as an 18 year old fireman, Heino attended the R3236 fire

Other residents of Jever and beyond who have helped in the project include:

Carsten Streufert – Manager of the Upjever Forest since 1981.  Has helped family members to gain access to the crash site and has granted us permission to sow poppy seeds there when we visit in June.

Helmut Burlager – Editor of Jeverisches Wochenblatt

Matthias Baar – initial contact made by Jack Waterfall and Caroline Kesseler via the internet

There is further general information about the town by clicking on the Jever link on the right hand side of the homepage