RAF Feltwell and 37 Squadron


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hanger 001

On 23 April the US Airforce, who now occupy RAF Feltwell,  kindly allowed members of the crews families to visit the airfield from where R3236 took off from.  The aerodrome is situated near Thetford in Norfolk, an area where so many other wartime bases were situated and that tradition continues to this day with RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath nearby.

A large amount of the the wartime infrastructure still exists including 37 Squadron’s hanger and the Officers and Sergeant’s Mess.  We were particularly moved to see the grass runway from which the planes took off from and the concrete base on which they would have calibrated their compass before taking off on their mission.  Repaired Bomb damage could still be seen on the Sergeant’s Mess and it was this that led to the crews being stationed around the village of Feltwell rather than being ‘sitting ducks’ for another bombing raid.


Wellington Bombers displaying 37 Squadron’s LF code