A Memorable Day at Edinburgh Castle

On Sunday 22 May representatives of the families of all five members of the crew gathered in the Chapel of the Scottish National War Memorial to honour the crew of R3236.  In the presence of Herr Heinrich Schnettger, representative of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany to Scotland, a memorial service was led by Reverend Angus Smith.  Also in attendance was Squadron Leader Nobby Clark – PSO to Air Officer Scotland RAF and Lieutenant Colonel Roger Binks Keeper of the Rolls and Secretary to the Trustees of The Scottish National War Memorial.


Pictured above from left to right are: Janice Haver, John Duncan and Margaret Duncan (Sgt Alexander Glen), Gordon Inglis and Eleanor McAllister (Sgt Alec Aitken) Doug Aylward and Jeremy Hopkins (F/O Douglas Lindsay), Polly Freeman and Ann Ball (P/O Ralph Ball) and Jack Waterfall (Sgt Jack Waterfall DFM).  A lament was played on the bagpipes by Rhys Clark.  The families are very grateful to the indefatigable research of Caroline Kesseler and Jack Waterfall who managed to track the families down who previously had never had any contact.   Many stories about the families individual experiences of the crash and its aftermath were revealed including that the Glen family did not find out about Alexander’s fate until 1952 – twelve years after he was reported missing in action.  All five families were delighted to witness a handshake between Herr Schnettger and Douglas Aylward.


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