All Five Families to be present at Edinburgh Castle Service

With family members spread all over the world and the Memorial Stone being on a strict schedule ahead of its installation in Germany, it was looking unlikely that members of the families of all five crew members would be together at any one event.  We can now confirm that representatives from all five families will be at the service at the Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle on 22 May: Doug Aylward and Jeremy Hopkins will represent F/O Lindsay, Ann Ball and Polly Freeman will represent P/O Ball, Jack Waterfall will be representing Sgt Jack Waterfall DFM, Janice Brown, Jeanette and Emily will be there on behalf of Sgt Glen and Gordon Inglis will represent Sgt Aitken.   This will truly be the icing on the cake for the project and a momentous event in the story of the Memorial Stone.  Also in attendance will be the Secretary of the Scottish National War Memorial, The German Consul-General and representatives of the RAF.  The service will finish with a lament played on the bagpipes.  Watch this space for photos and reports of the event.

You can now see the wonderful video presentation, which is accompanying the Memorial Stone on its tour around  the Country



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