A weekend of Celebrations and Remembrance

The Wellington R3236 Memorial Stone

Service of Dedication

Ely Cathedral


12.15pm Sunday 24th April 2016

Conducted by Canon Chris Barber

  • Welcome and Message
  • Unveiling of the Memorial Stone by Polly, Mary, Anna and their daughters
  • German Inscription – Read by Angela Pickersgill                                                                     Der Fliegerhorst Jever war bereits alarmiert, als der Britische Bomber das Flugfeld aus nordöstlicher richtung anflog.  Im Tiefflug und schnell anfliegend wurde er durch die Flak des Fliegerhorstes abgeschossen
  • Ceremonial Handshake by representatives of The Luftwaffe and RAF Regiment
  • Trumpet solo played by Laurine Green                                                                                             Solo “Ich Hatt Einen Kamerden Played from the Presbiter facing eastwards
  • Prayer
  • Dismissal


On Saturday 23rd April members of the Crew’s families have been invited to tour RAF Feltwell, now used by the USAF to view the remaining 1940s structures




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